A modern dental practice should also be well equipped with the latest proven technology utilised to create a clean, safe, comfortable environment for patients. You can be assured that every dental procedure is performed with the latest in proven technology from the hardware equipment we use, to the techniques we choose in your treatment as well as the treatment materials.


We are an amalgam free practice. We only do white fillings.



We are overstaffed!


Cleanliness is of paramount importance. We use the latest sterilizing equipment and techniques. It takes one staff member approximately 15 minutes for a surgery to be stripped of contaminated equipment and plastic covers, disinfected and redressed with new plastic covers after every patient. This is usually started while the dentist is having a discussion with the patient at the end of their treatment.


To minimize your wait, the dentist sometimes will use a different surgery to the one you’ve previously visited, depending on which room is disinfected and ready to be used. Alternatively, 2 staff members will work together to cut this cleaning time by half. We are overstaffed for this very reason!


Our doors, pens, eftpos pads and front desk are just a few of the items disinfected regularly on a daily basis.



This is an inhaler with a substance similar to happy gas yet much more effective at a small additional cost but well worth it. You will need to inform the staff when you call for your appointment in order to allow extra time, and will also need to arrive a little early to sign the consent form. You must not leave the surgery unaccompanied. You will be unable to drive or sign official documents for 12 hours after receiving Penthrox.



“WOW!” is the usual response. In one visit your teeth are up to 9 shades whiter. Click here for more on Zoom Whitening.



This is a series of short 2-4 minute dental procedure educational videos. They cover all the dental treatments available which can be viewed at your request. There are over 30 topics, with multiple sub-topics. So if you need to know about root canal treatment, you can choose to watch videos on how we diagnose them, what causes teeth to require root canal treatment, other options involved, the root canal procedure, and several other sub-topics.



This means your x-ray image is on the computer screen within 3 seconds of exposure to the x-ray sensor. In addition to that, the amount of radiation your mouth is exposed to is approximately 1/10th of the radiation of the normal exposure with the manual films and you don’t have to wait for them to be developed! This makes the x-ray extremely safe.


The resolution on old x-ray films is usually extremely poor in comparison to Digital x-ray resolution. The images on old x-ray hard copy films fade with time, whereas digital x-ray obviously doesn’t. Digital x-ray also offers other multiple diagnostic tools available to the dentist, such as varying contrast etc…



This can help us show you what we are talking about or trying to explain. It helps you see what we can see. We can also do before and after shots of what we have done at your request.



Manual records are a thing of the past. We can now have your records on the screen within seconds. No need to look up your files and x-rays. This also means that your 6 monthly checkup and clean reminders are not forgotten.


You can view your intra-oral images and x-rays on the chair monitor situated close to you while you are in the dental chair.